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2/10 newspurge: it’s a barnum & bailey world

9/11 updates:
surprise! taliban & al-qaeda are worlds apart:
'separating the taliban from al-qaeda: the core of success in afghanistan'*
flashback: bush rejects taliban offer to hand bin laden over*
video: napolitano warns terror threat 'most heightened' since 9/11*

climate scientist sues climate change skeptic for libel*
study: 25% of antidepressants prescribed for no legitimate reason*

pharmacies besieged by addicted thieves*
drug thieves go after pharmacieswhy can't US legalize drugs? hillary admits there's "too much money in it"*

deutsche boerse, nyse & merger talk frenzy*
jet loaded with millions in gold & cash seized by congolese authorities linked to texas philanthropist david disiere*
communities exposing wal-mart's deceptive practices*
why did obama choose outsourcing champ immelt as jobs advisor?*
audio satire: US takes out debt-consolidation loan*

hitler aide bormann 'escaped to latin america'*
confirmed: fbi warned day before okc bombing*
the octopus conspiracy: one woman's search for her father's killer*
man says ex-cia agent posada gave him explosives for hotel bombing*

the criminally-infested stupor bowl*
the criminally-infested stupor bowlunder-age sex trade booming at stupor bowl*
christina aguilera fumbles anthem at stupor bowl*
video: chrysler's $9m stupor bowl ad w/ eminem longest, most expensive ever made*
chinese tv shows 'top gun' as military drill*
disney looks to the cradle to expand business*
video: aol & huffington team up to provide that perfect blend of sanitized news & gossip* [#huffpuff]
with huffpo sold to aol, naturalnews invites health authors to join truly independent news network*
jd salinger, enigmatic 'catcher in the rye' author, 91*
tura satana, 'faster, pussycat! kill! kill!' actress, 72*
kidnap victim john paul getty iii dies at 54*
gary moore, thin lizzy guitarist, dies aged 58*
red, white & blue: the white stripes break up*

teen pleads guilty in fatal beating of william bennett*
teen pleads guilty in fatal beating of william bennett1st guilty plea in attack that killed loudoun man, injured wife*
flashback: the death of william bennett: cia, contract killers, kosovo & questions*
twilight language: giffords wants 'toast'*
john skilling, son of ex-enron boss jeffrey skilling, found dead at 20*
video: court appearance for suspects in ohio fraternity shooting delayed*
semen in yogurt linked to albuquerque grocery store worker*
video: safeway pharmacy mistakenly gives pregnant woman abortion pill*
video: ny tv executive convicted of beheading wife*

oregon oddities:
fritz springmeier writes from prison*
central oregon airspace considered for drone testing, but private pilots worried*

wv worry:
wv residents win 1st round in chemical case:
judge says bayer can't produce toxic chemical in wv*
gop takes aim at 'obama agenda' backers for 2012*
strange odor reported by wv/md officials along state border*
investigating reports of several dead horses at greenbrier farm*

  1. Anonymous

    February 12, 2011

    I am so glad that marijuana is illegal so drug fiends have good, safe, abundant, cheap and easily available medications like oxycontin. Whew!

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