2/17 newspurge: don’t be evil, just be corporate

9/11 updates:
9/11 memorial access will be limited*
a response to bill moyers: journalist bashes 9/11 truth, yet still says that facts matter*

US greenhouse gas emissions at lowest levels since 1995*
US greenhouse gas emissions at lowest levels since 1995studies link heavy rains, floods to global warming*
chevron ordered to pay $9b for ecuador pollution*
arkansas cities feel unexplained surge in earthquakes*
volcanic valentine replays ’81 quake near mt. st. helens*
video: louisiana students mystery field trip skin burn*
hey, tina fey, 1 kid is ok & greener, too*
monarch butterflies make partial comeback in mexico*
video: girl with 12 fingers, 14 toes aims for a record*

US air force c17 drug mule transport caught smuggling coup-rific spy gadgets, arms & drugs into argentina*
montana pot shop gives free joints for canned food items*
congressman targets federal funding for the war on drugs*

science review casts doubt on 2001 anthrax case*
report vindicates questions in anthrax conspiracy*

indie band arcade fire pulls upset at grammys*
indie band arcade fire pulls 'album of the year' upset at grammysportlander esperanza spalding wins best new artist grammy*
lady gaga lays an egg on grammys;
then sports bizarre flesh-coloured facial horns on leno*
video: eminem f-bombs at the grammys*
muse-ings, anyone want to speculate?*
video: did cbs grammy reporter have a stroke on-air?*
serene branson’s on-air episode a ‘complex migraine’ says doctor*
cheryl cole fears tv deal will turn her into ‘stepford wife’*
fans rally to raise money for robocop statue in detroit*
len lesser, veteran actor, seinfeld’s uncle leo, dies at 88*
kenneth mars, nazi buff in ‘the producers,’ dies at 75*
david f. friedman, horror film pioneer behind ‘blood feast’ & ‘two thousand maniacs!’, dies at 87*

video: four dead after new york killing spree*
video: woman dies in her cubicle & nobody notices until the next day*

oregon oddities:
rajneesh’s wicked ways revealed on 30th anniversary of cult*
obama to visit oregon’s intel plant*

wv worry:
sen. manchin says obama budget falls short;
‘not what the country needs or expects’*
US marshal killed on duty; only 24 yrs-old & joined academy just over a year ago*

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