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2/18 Binge & Purge: Onion Cereal, Cancer Gum & Eating Animals

Audio Satire: New cereal for the poor stays crunchy in water

Gum ingredient may cause cancer
from regina leader post: A substance used to make chewing gum could soon be declared toxic by the federal government after an international agency found that it might cause cancer in lab rats. On May 17, the government will publish a list of 17 substances that may be labeled as toxic in a draft report on risk assessment. Acetic acid ethenyl ester, or vinyl acetate - commonly used as a base in some chewing gums - could be on that list, Health Canada said Monday. The substance is a colourless liquid with a strong, sweet scent that can be used as a flavouring agent. When made into a polymer, it becomes useful in the production of chewing gum.

Video: Colbert discusses illness, factory farms
Video: Colbert discusses illness, factory farms: Jonathan Safran Foer, author of Eating Animals, discussed the high incidence of foodborne illness and the state of American agriculture on The Colbert Report last week. "Why should I become a vegetarian? What is wrong with the meat, sir?" satirical host, Stephen Colbert asked Foer. On top of calling factory farms and industrial agriculture "perfectly antithetical to American values," Foer discussed food poisoning statistics and the dangers of increasing antibiotic resistance as reasons for cutting back on meat consumption. When Colbert asked Foer if eating factory farm meat - or "tortured flesh" as Foer describes it in his book - made the people who eat it become "tortured flesh," Foer fired back with often-cited foodborne illness statistics. "In the most literal sense, in the most scientifically objective sense, we are hurting our bodies. 76 million Americans get food poisoning ever year, and the CDC has said that the primary culprit is animal agriculture."

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