2/18 Newspurge: Get Outta Yr Bed, You Gotta Wake Up

Biowars/Envirohealth Updates:
The depressing truth about anti-depressants: No better than placebos*
The depressing truth about anti-depressants: No better than placebos“implant will stop me from having more kids”*
big pharma researcher admits to faking dozens of research studies for pfizer, merck*
radioactive plume spreads over vermont; feds slammed for inaction*
un climate chief yvo de boer to resign*

Econocrash Updates:
Onion article on financial system actually reveals the truth*
onion article on financial system actually reveals the truthfdic opens massive new office near chicago to handle coming tidal wave of midwest bank closings they are expecting*
morgan stanley strategist: head for the hills!*
video: get ready for tax hikes ‘that aren’t even imaginable’*
new underground economy: 17m americans shun banks*
illinois senate holds private meeting at statehouse*
bomb explodes at jpmorgan office in athens, greece*
obama signs law raising public debt limit from $12.4t to $14.3t*

video: mossad hit squad stole uk id’s to kill hamas leader*
mossad hit squad stole uk id's to kill hamas leaderdubai police chief: ‘99% sure mossad behind killing’*
more questions over biometric id cards & national security*
israel accused of waging covert war across middle east*
palestinians pose as ‘avatar’ characters at rally against israeli barrier*
poll: europeans say jews exploit past to extort money*
yanukovych claims victory in ukraine election*
dalai lama: front man for feudal clique, darling of wealthy mystics & cold warriors*
flip-flop diplomacy with the dalai lama*

French soldiers used as “Nuclear Guinea Pigs”*
descartes was ‘poisoned by catholic priest’*
video: US has a history of attacking themselves to go to war: govts admit they carry out false flag terror*
last member of an ancient tribe dies … and a language is Lost*
new clip shows jfk arriving in dallas in 1963*

Newsweek says: Know your conspiracies*
newsweek: powerful people do bad things? ‘too silly to discuss’*
olympics, inc: inside the secretive, $6b world of the intl olympic committee*
dead foreigners are good for ratings, but not dead americans*
video: bill maher says americans ‘not bright enough to really understand the issues’*

TSA to swab airline passengers' hands in search for explosivesPolice State Updates:
TSA to swab airline passengers’ hands in search for explosives*
tsa takes explosives screening to fliers*
10k tsa staff to get secret intel*
video: student detained over arabic flashcards may sue tsa*
are checkpoints police profit centers?*
mutallab was read miranda rights 9hrs after arrest*
parents: school used webcam to spy on our kid at home*
girl’s arrest for doodling raises concerns about zero tolerance*
report says officers lose 243 homeland security guns*
nj cop bribed sex abuse victims with drugs*

World’s largest silencer looks like big, loud dick*
World's largest silencer looks like big, loud dickmarine corps busted over benzene contamination at lejeune, nc*
US launches massive attack on taliban despite olympic truce*
US launches fallujah-style attack in afghanistan*
despite tight controls, US rocket truck kills 10 civilians*
deadly afghanistan rocket attack actually hit its target*
under obama, more targeted killings than captures in counterterrorism efforts*
war widows fight to collect deceased spouse’s benefits*
as defense budget soars, security firms reap huge profits, go offshore to avoid taxes*
4 injured in military helicopter crash in west virginia*
raygun 747 missile-zapping test video released*
video: operation aphrodite – unmanned aircraft packed w/ explosives remote controlled into targets*

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