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2/25 newspurge: drugwar, geopolitiks, history/mystery & media/memes

drugwar updates:
medical marijuana patients suffering police harassment*
dispensaries targeted for simply selling weed; pot shop owner arrested for sales*

dutch govt falls over afghanistan mission*
dutch govt falls over afghanistan missionbrown praises new world order, again*
military seize power in nigerian coup*
courthouse bombed in northern ireland*
fresh detentions over turkey coup 'plot'*
suicide bombers kill 17 in kabul*
cnn poll: 7 in 10 believe iran has nukes*
green prince, son of hamas founder spied for israel*

fbi closes anthrax case,
gives more details about scientist labeled a killer

anthrax investigators looked at 1,000 suspects*
a bullet-proof case - not ivins, the fbi cover-up*
aclu sues usaid for refusing to release docs relating to religious programs*
a million library books to be sent down the mines*
sibel edmonds: the traitors among us*
video: margaret sanger, planned parenthood & eugenics*

the transhumanist & police state agenda in pop music*
congressional research service says comcast/nbc deal a go*

#PumpUpThaVolume: September 20, 2019