2/4 newspurge: geopolitiks, mystery/mayhem & obamessiah

video: americans arrested taking children out of haiti*
americans arrested taking children out of haitiamericans charged with child trafficking in haiti*
formaldehyde-laced trailers may be sent to haiti*
haiti pm says more than 200,000 dead*
US military no where to be found in port-au-prince*
dem calls for US relief head in haiti to step down*
‘enough is enough’: council on foreign relations president richard haass wants regime change in iran*
senate quietly passes iran sanctions bill*
US raises stakes on iran by sending in ships and missiles*
US beefs up military presence off iranian shores*
US says 200 troops on the ground in pakistan*
long history of israel’s covert killing*
israel finally admits to using white phosphorus in gaza*
cia chief holds secret talks with egypt & israel*
china threatens sanctions over arms sale to taiwan*
china threatens US sanctions over arms sale*
1000s in tokyo protest against US troops in japan*
romania ‘to host US missile shield’*
herman van rompuy accused of acting like a ‘king’*
yemen on the brink: implications for US policy*

controversial author/historian eustace mullins dead at 86*
vietnam vets allowed to proceed with lawsuit over drug experiments*
video: columbine: unraveling the sheriff’s official line*
flashback: interview w/ evan long of ‘the columbine cause’*

body of lottery winner found buried in florida*
twilight language: bus rampage in china*

obamessiah updates:
obama ups spending on nukes to even more than bush*
obama’s open government not so open yet*
obama ups pakistan drone strikes in assassination campaign*
obama 2011 budget request: doj*
doj official reportedly clears torture architects yoo & bybee*
digging through obama’s closet for the emperor’s new clothes*
taxpayers pay $101,000 for pelosi plane’s in-flight food & booze*
obama & scott brown are cousins, genealogist reveals*
trailer: american faust: from condi to neo-condi*

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