24 showcases mass terror, concentration camps

24 showcases mass terror, concentration campsfrom infowars: The new season of 24, that is to air this coming weekend, is to prepare the American people for the idea of concentration camps, detention centers and the rounding up of people in times of crisis.

The opener depicts an America besieged by mass terrorist attacks and public paranoia, with 11 cities, including New York, Atlanta, San Antonio and L.A., having been attacked in the space of a few weeks.

A Fox news broadcast pumps out on street corners and at bus stops from TV screens as the terrified public are urged to report anyone they consider suspicious.

A brown skinned man is refused entry onto a bus as the people around him look at him as if he is some kind of space alien.

Cut to the Oval Office were there is an argument going on between the National Security Advisor and the President’s aides about the morality and constitutional implications of using concentration camps/detention centers in America.

The National Security Advisor, who the President’s aides are surprised to find is opposed to this, states “These places that you keep building, they are nothing more than concentration camps.”

Note how the Security Advisor states that camps are already built and keep being built. She goes on to state that a “revised plan” on behalf of the White House “justifies locking up every American who prays towards Mecca.”

As she continues to argue against locking up innocent Americans, the high ranking official played by Peter MacNicol (perhaps the head of Homeland Security, it is unclear from the clip) abruptly stops her and yells “security has its price.” The aides, including the Attorney General then attempt to persuade the dubious President that in a “time of war” it is legal to suspend Habeas Corpus.

The second clip features a private conversation between the Security Advisor and MacNicol’s character in which he tells her that he has “second guessed” the President by not rescinding an earlier secret order for the National Guard to prepare to set up detention facilities at sports arenas in L.A., Detroit and Philadelphia.

The Security Advisor questions “what happens when innocent people get caught up in this net?” To which MacNicol’s character states “Like I said before, security has its price, just get used to it.”

Although 24 has routinely depicted scenes of detainee torture, this latest plot-line is the first time that it has broached the issue of the detention of American citizens in a time of crisis.

At a time when legislation such as The Military Commissions Act is setting the precedent for the detention of American citizens, 24 serves as the perfect dose of fear-mongering propaganda to get the people to accept such attacks upon the fabric of freedom and to “just get used to it”.

Thus when real attacks are carried out some will not be alarmed to see detention camps being used because they have already witnessed the scenario played out before their very eyes.

Laura Ingraham has previously stated that the average American’s love of the show is a referendum for such tough tactics against anyone considered to be with “Al Qaeda” whether they be American citizens or not…

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