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3/24 newspurge: on the wings of a snow-white dove

US paved the way for cocaine traffickers... literally*
US paved the way for cocaine traffickers... literallypennsylvania cavity search produces 50 bags of heroin*
video: arrest in minnesota mass overdose that killed one*

rosenberg co-conspirator sobell reveals more about his role*

US govt demands st. louis museum return stolen mummy mask to egypt*

amanda knox asks italian court to block 'lifetime' tv movie*
white horse of uffington killings: first victim found, police hunt for 2nd body*
wisconsin billionaire charged with sexual assault*
oregon man pleads not guilty to murder of kent city employee seth frankel*
'zombies ahead' warns road sign in south carolina*
flashback: sign hacker broadcasts zombie warnings*

police state int'l:
the other big story about at&t: appeals court revives lawsuit against national security agency's surveillance of US*

appeals court revives lawsuit vs. nsa surveillance of USsunshine week shame: 10 ways the govt is opaque*
china's electronic censorship: phones cut out if you say 'protest'*
eiffel tower evacuated over suspicious package*
indiana prosecutor out after admitting he suggested wisconsin governor stage 'false flag' operation in union protests*
national guard to leave mexico border in june*
iowa dhs stage terror drill with 'anti-immigration' shooters*
video: 13 illegal immigrants arrested in california wearing US marine uniforms*

wv worry:
fbi center takes on $1b biometric id project*
belle police officer charged with domestic battery*
freshman dem to side with gop;
manchin breaks with obama on debt limit*
manchin says 'silver alert' plan, 'amber alert' for granny, will work nationwide*
stay indoor advisory lifted for kanawha city residents*

#PumpUpThaVolume: December 1, 2020