4/1 Newspurge: Under The April Skies

9/11 Updates:
NY forensic experts to reexamine WTC rubble for more remains*
ny forensic experts to reexamine wtc rubble for more remainsOsama ‘healthy, giving the orders’ says terror suspect*
How the FBI & 9/11 Commission suppressed key evidence about Hani Hanjour*
Video: 9/11 truth goes primetime*
Conspiracy theory or conspiracy fact?*
Video: Ed Asner voices 9/11 truth ads in NY*

Whistleblower warns of biothreats at census center*
Psych doc wrote 1,000 scrips a week for psychotropic drugs*
Pharma planning to dump experimental & controversial vaccines in public schools*
Neuroscientists don’t believe in souls – but that doesn’t mean they can’t sell theirs (to the Pentagon)*
China rushes to bomb its clouds as rice prices spike 10% in a month*
EPA proposes veto of major US mountaintop removal site in West Virginia*
Level 3 earthquake felt in eastern Maine*

Manager of world’s biggest sovereign wealth fund missing after glider crash*
CFTC whistleblower injured in London hit-and-run*
Bank of America & Wells Fargo may pay no taxes for ’09*
Rothschilds bring in an outsider to run the show*
“We are in a cabal … 5 or 6 players … own the regulatory apparatus”*

fbi releases files kept in room filled with secretsFBI releases files kept in room filled with secrets*
Illuminati created US to advance nwo*
Haiti’s 1804 original declaration of independence found*
McVeigh & the ‘hispanic man’ – what did the feds know?*
Ancient Egyptian ‘door to afterlife’ found*

CPS warrior Nancy Schaefer gunned down*
Oddities in the Nancy Schaefer ‘murder/suicide’ case*
Flashback video: may’09 – Schaefer on CPS & child trafficking*
At least 9 people shot in DC*
DC Metro officials waited to announce 2 cases of rape*
21yr-old Yale student from Austin jumps off 86th floor of Empire State Building*
Abortion doctor’s murderer gets life in prison*

AFRICOM: the US military’s growing role in Africa*
Chertoff joins defense firm that defrauded US*
US, Russia finalize landmark nuclear arms treaty*
Leaked CIA report: ‘public apathy enables leaders to ignore voters’ in waging endless wars*
UK mod publishes green strategy*
Air Force debuts biofuel-guzzling warthog*
US war zone commanders spend billion dollars a year in cash*
Facebook photos show ‘Michigan Recruit Sustainment Program’ in familiar-looking blue helmets*
US test-fires trident missile in drill with Saudis*
Israeli warplanes pound Gaza strip*

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