4/14 Defcon: Opt-Out Botnet & Fakebook Revolutions

Law would let you ‘opt-out’ of online web tracking*
Law would let you 'opt-out' of online web trackingPrivate records of 3.5m people exposed by texas*
In a surprise appeal: TJX hacker claims US authorized his crimes as ‘key undercover secret service informant’*
‘Facebook revolutions’ & people-powered coups: US trains activists to evade security forces*
With an actual court order, FBI hijacks ‘Coreflood’ botnet, sends kill signal*
Police increasingly peeping at email, instant messages*
Report: Chinese far outstrip US cyber-spy fight for military, business secrets*
Rhode Island lawmakers look at law to school cyberbullying*
Dozens apply for space pilot jobs at virgin galactic*
Kochab star in Little Dipper about to go supernova;
Last supernova observed by Galileo in 1604
Audio satire: FBI director wishes he had some alien thing to cover up*

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