4/21 Defcon: Manning Up & Tracking You Down

Manning under mental evaluation, being moved to Kansas*
4/21 Defcon: Manning Up & Tracking You DownProtesters interrupt Obama to sing support for Wikileaks suspect*
Neo-Nazi freed, online speech protected*
President Obama’s 4/20 Facebook townhall*
Facebook installs solar panels at new data center*
Poker today, alternative news tomorrow?:
Video: US shuttering online gambling sites*
Video: White House authoring new cybersecurity bill granting expanded powers to DHS*
Obama pushes Chinese-style internet id system*
iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go*
Researcher says iPhone location data already used by cops*
Oak Ridge, top federal lab, hacked in phishing attack*
NASA awards $270m in spaceship contracts*
Video: April 29 set for shuttle launch*

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