40,000 US troops have deserted since 2000

from gnn: A shout out to U.S. troops in the Gulf. You are all being forced to fight an illegal war for the rich and powerful, a war that is opposed by the entire world. The moral thing for you to do is to disobey orders and do everything possible to keep yourself and your buddies safe so you can return home to America. The Chickenhawks in Washington think of you as cannon fodder, but we’d like to see all of you return home safely. Stay safe and Harass the Brass!

from air force times: Swept up by a wave of patriotism after the US invasion of Iraq, Chris Magaoay joined the Marine Corps in November 2004.

The newly married Magaoay thought a military career would allow him to continue his college education, help his country and set his life on the right path.

Less than two years later, Magaoay became one of thousands of military deserters who have chosen a lifetime of exile or possible court-martial rather than fight in Iraq or Afghanistan.

“It wasn’t something I did on the spur of the moment,” said Magaoay, a native of Maui, Hawaii. “It took me a long time to realize what was going on. The war is illegal.”

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