4/15 newspurge: mourning in america

who appoints h1n1 cover-up committee*
who appoints h1n1 cover-up committeeclub of rome behind eco-fascist purge to criminalize climate skepticism*
homeland security seeks bio-agent sniffing cell phones*
all bets are off if US under biological attack, warns hillary*
poll: resistance to health care bill strong*
agribusiness profits, mutant germs & us*
ge violates its own safety rules over mri drug*
child dies of e. coli infection at vancouver-portland daycare*
speeding up bio detection*
anthrax scare in muncie, indiana*
anthrax outbreak in scotland continues*
taser intl doses herd of sheep with meth, then tests ‘compliance device’*
human genes to be injected into goats, cows & sheep in new zealand*
details about biowatch come to light*
time magazine lists flouride as ‘environmental toxin’*
dial-a-flight stems travel chaos in wake of icelandic ash cloud*

redmond, oregon police stage drug-trafficking check*
medical marijuana bill moves through maryland senate in landslide*

income falls 3.2% during obama’s term*
senate probe finds fraud in wamu mortgage lending*
wamu’s gruesome autopsy*
if clear channel can’t restructure debt in next few years, it will likely collapse*
bank worker pleads guilty to hacking 100 atm’s*
uk cash is being ‘replaced by cards’*

polish president lech kaczynski killed in plane crash*
polish president lech kaczynski killed in plane crashanalysis: ramifications of crash on polish politics*
1 forest, 2 polish tragedies, 70 years apart*
what is the conspiracy with the polish plane crash?*
cfr/trilateral member to replace poland’s kaczynski?*
explosive tossed over fence at US consulate in mexico*
pakistan holds largest ever military exercise ‘azm-e-nau-3’*
israel ranks 6th with up to 300 nukes*
obama: israel should sign npt*

officer pleads guilty in post-katrina danziger bridge killing*
bettie page: pin-up queen, fbi informant*

sting stung by controversy over secret concert for dictator’s daughter*
video: ipad tortured to death in mass social experiment*
video: jesse ventura hosts larry king live*

chicago shooter says ‘too bad i ran out of bullets’*
6 shot, 1 killed in muskogee, oklahoma arrowhead mall*

ron paul: obama is not a socialist, he’s a corporatist*
ron paul: obama is not a socialist, he's a corporatistrasmussen poll: obama in dead heat with ron paul*
ron paul & the libertarian moment*
obama going off the deep end?*
obama quietly hosts $30,400 a couple miami beach fundraiser*
obama joked about tax day protests at estefan fundraiser*
army to court martial ‘birther’ officer*
who is dawn johnsen & why did she withdraw as obama’s nom for office of legal counsel?*
reid tells nevada voters: “i need your help … people are after me”*
most tea partiers deem palin unqualified for president: poll*
hating the government finally goes mainstream*
cbs poll: republicans have absorbed the tea party*

police state int’l:
4/19 dc protests: anti-govt & pro-gun groups join forces?*
provocateurs openly announce plans to stage tea party violence*
tea party agent provocateur outed in portland, oregon*
oath keepers withdraw from dc rally over violent threats*
poll claims 60% of US believe domestic terrorists will stage attack within a year*
agents provocateurs disrupt washington state protest*
one day soon, we’ll all be “homegrown terrorists”*
uk general election 2010: make national citizen service compulsory*
cctv surveillance makes chicago the most closely watched US city*
black widow meme: why women turn to terrorism*
occupied washington dc*
video: maryland police beating student*
ex-nsa worker charged in classified leak case*
los angeles preparing for nuclear attack*
dhs program develops mass evacuation simulation for stadiums*

‘collateral murder’ video leaked by officers*
gates: wikileaks video “painful to see” but won’t have “lasting” impact*
wikileaks asks cia to stop spying on it*
iraq war vet: “we were told to just shoot people & the officers would take care of us”*
destruction of videotapes documented in cia e-mail*
nato forces gather for ‘exercise joint warrior’*
surgeon removes live explosive from afghan soldier’s head*
multiple tours of duty lead to post-traumatic stress*
rep lynn woolsey gives 350th speech against wars*

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