4/16 happy hour menu

local food movement: are we there yet?*
local food movement: are we there yet?new bird flu cases suggest pandemic danger is rising*
truckers unwittingly used to transport dangerous avian flu materials?*
video: avian flu, the next false flag?*
therapy to suppress peanut allergies is reported*
a new hope for peanut allergy sufferers*
govt & big pharma push bill to drug america’s mothers*

cannabis houses have lower carbon footprint*
thalidomide was developed as nazi chemical weapon*
cdc covered up high lead levels in dc*
got mercury? the politics of contaminated fish*
diseases ‘hurting chocolate crop’*
1,500 farmers have committed suicide in india*
autism rates significantly higher near toxic waste sites*
singing sanger’s praises, whistling past the graveyard*
attenborough warns on population*

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