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4/21 newspurge: caffeinated consciousness

9/11 updates:
nfl to start season with new york jets ✈ flying into new york giants for the 10th anniversary of september 11th*
video flashback: wwe predictive programming as mega powers demolish twin towers*
charlie sheen enrages 9/11 conspiracy group*
new entries for on history commons' 9/11 timeline*
9/11 first responders now considered possible terrorists*

in honor of 4/20, christian perspectives on smoking pot*

in honor of 4/20, christian perspectives on smoking potthe audacity of no dope:
obama threatens wash. state's legal marijuana*
big pharma set to take over medical marijuana market*
video: mexican drug cartels trained by US*
brutal mexican drug gang crosses into US*
video: pain meds kill more than smack & coke combined*

what is it about mid-april & violence in america?*

more mayhem coming for april 2011*
waco to libya: 18yrs of humanitarian mass murder*
video: body of north carolina teen found in maryland after december disappearance*
video: transportation sec lahood stresses 'responsibility' after latest control tower fiasco*
oprah's dr. melvine levine commits suicide - accused of pedophilia*
manson breaks 20yr silence to hype global warming*
more on manson & the family*

obamessiah updates:
obamessiah appears in the city of angels;

residents urged to stay home to avoid gridlock
obama heads to facebook hq for online town hall*
obama invokes christian beliefs at easter prayer breakfast*
jet carrying first lady aborts landing*
the birther nation: missing records in hawaii, missing records in kenya, missing records in indonesia*
video: book to reveal obama's true identity?*
white house visitor logs leave large blanks*
nevada sen. john ensign to resign amid investigation*
video: breitbart accuses msnbc of being controlled by soros, podesta, ayers & media matters*

oregon oddities:
rajneeshees in oregon: the untold story*

rajneeshees in oregon: the untold storybackground: 1984 rajneeshee bioterror attack*
intel surprises schools with influx of israelis*
oregon marine arrested as denver airport rapist*
alaskan kipp walker's public suicide in bend*
14yr-old shot outside of portland mall*
update: shiloh hampton dies of gunshot wound*
woman sues police for not letting her put on pants before arrest*
help, i'm addicted to infomercials!*

police state int'l:
"we ain't got time to bleed":

false flag passover peril, apr19–22*
tsa security looks at people who complain about tsa security; show no emotion, blend in with zombies*
feds to scotus: allow warrantless gps monitoring*
cops use mobile scanner to steal cellphone data from innocent americans*
anger rises after camden officer kills dog*
video: dhs black helicopters in drill over miami*

video: 'restrepo' director tim hetherington killed in libya*

why obama agreed to unleash predator drones on qaddafi forces*
video: china's j-20 stealth fighter makes second test flight*

#PumpUpThaVolume: March 1, 2021