4/23 newspurge

police state international:
combat support battalion deployed to ‘maintain public order’ at boston marathon*
combat support battalion deployed to 'maintain public order' at boston marathonanimal rights activist on fbi ‘most wanted terrorists’ list*
video: cop arrests abc news reporter for filming traffic accident*
hr1913: local law enforcement hate crimes prevention act of 2009, the end of free speech?*
US security boss clarifies comments about border*
illegal immigrants detained, then freed to work*
maddow compares sovereignty movt to confederacy*
veterans a focus of fbi extremist probe*
‘operation vigilant eagle’: another attack on the sovereignty movt*
police state pillow fight:
feathery fracas lands vermont man in court*
drill tests airport readiness in youngstown, ohio*
chicago students send the cia packing*
spying on americans: ‘business as usual’ under obama*
celente: ‘america lives in a fascist state’*
alan keyes: govt will stage terror, declare martial law*
fox launches infowars clone website in
attempt to cannibalize the patriot movt*
shiny new ‘internal security’ police cars*
court debates strip search of student*
cash-strapped cities try private guards over police*
scotus strikes a blow for the 4th amendment*
crisis as a means to building a global totalitarian state*
shanghai cooperation organization [russia/china] to form single emergency situations center*
canada cops can ‘take all your stuff’*
9 men arrested over suspected terror plot released to UK borders agency*
central asia holds military drill*
rudd to announce civilian corps*
children tracked by sat nav to stop bad behaviour*
suspected somali pirate arrives in US to face charges*

obamessiah & the apostles of war
obama’s 1st 100 days: worse than even we predicted*
obama & chavez shake hands at summit*
change you have been told to believe in:
a closer examination of obama’s foreign policy*
obama laments not being able to ban ‘assault weapons’*
key witness in obama passport fraud case murdered*
obama & the dem ‘leadership’ oppose a torture probe*

9/11 updates
schumer supports a new 9/11 investigation?*
former 9/11 commission vice chairman makes bizarre comments
about intelligence failures before attacks*
port authority of ny/nj:
records for reported wtc renovation work destroyed on 9/11*
giuliani has connection to pedophile priest*

freddie mac cfo david kellerman found dead from apparent suicide in virginia*
freddie mac official found dead in apparent suicide*
missouri & nevada bank failures 24 & 25 in ’09*
tower of basel: secretive plans for the issuing of a global currency*
bank lending keeps dropping*
gm & chrysler get extra $5.5b in loans*
gm to shut plants for up to 9 weeks this summer*
israel’s own madoff arrested*
US initial jobless claims rose to 640k last week*
video: homeowners wreck property in final act of vengeance*

video: ron paul: the national drug war has failed*
california med-marijuana laws are moving pot into mainstream*
video: cocaine highways: post-nafta, most drugs cross US borders in trucks*
more humans than drugs trafficked in europe*
video: sen webb says marijuana legalization should be considered*

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