4/28 defcon: guilt trips down the surveillance highway

obama on manning: ‘he broke the law’ – so much for fair trial*
obama on manning: 'he broke the law' - so much for fair trialvideo: ‘pentagon papers’ whistleblower daniel ellsberg says bradley manning can’t get fair trial after obama’s comment*
some fbi cyber agents lack adequate skills, report finds*
tomtom apologies for giving customer driving data to cops*
android data tied to users? some say yes*
facebook looks to cash in on user data*
apple says they ‘must have’ comprehensive user location data on you – and you will comply*
sony says credit card data at risk in playstation hack*
sony unveils ipad rival tablets*
‘a vast, global online network of homeless people’*
miniature drone to drop tracking dust onto people*
cryptogon.com on ‘the future where soda cans have screens’*
limewire facing billion-dollar damages trial*
video: ice uses seized domains for ‘best anti-piracy video ever’*
spacex aims to put man on mars in 10-20yrs*
seti institute to shut down alien-seeking radio dishes*
alpha magnetic spectrometer to go on endeavour shuttle*
gabrielle giffords can attend husband’s shuttle launch*
endeavor shuttle launch: time, where to watch*

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