4/28 pop occulture: royal rituals, sainthood & the new world order

the royal wedding & the new world order*
the royal wedding & the new world orderstrange confluence of catholic and royal events continues*
video: secrets of the royal wedding revealed*
guest list includes friends, family – and a few dictators*
princess diana funeral hymn to be sung*
terror alert as security chiefs warn attack is ‘highly likely’*
six ‘anarchists’ arrested ahead of royal ritual*
charlie veitch arrested in pre-crime raid prior to royal ritual*
twilight language: royal dangers?*
weather forecast predicts rain on will & kate’s big day*
as royal wedding gears up, ufo’s are expected to attend*
religion will play leading role in royal wedding*
dueling blessings: royal wedding vs pope john paul’s beatification*
sainthood explained: understanding john paul ii’s beatification*
pope john paul ii’s blood to be shown at beatification*
abuse crisis fuels debate over john paul ii’s legacy*
billboard battle over judgment day*
american atheists vs. may 21, 2011 judgment day*
famed nyc street preacher, author david wilkerson killed in car crash*
‘the new corporate world order; religion in american politics’*

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