4/7 defcon: comets, condé, attacks, accidents

elenin may produce greatest meteor showers in history*
elenin may produce greatest meteor showers in historynasa admits all previous warming trends caused by sun?*
google making app that would identify people’s faces*
is google online piracy public enemy #1?*
to boost innovation, facebook opens server designs; prineville, oregon data center 38% more energy-efficient & 24% cheaper to build*
epsilon breach a treasure trove for phishing attacks*
studio suing bittorrent pirates does not own the movie, records show*
‘anonymous’ attacks sony to protest ps3 hacker lawsuit*
condé nast got hooked in $8m spear-phishing scam*
georgian woman cuts off web access to whole of armenia*
‘the onion’ digitizes archives, area man stoked*

video update: US to use facebook, twitter to issue terror alerts*

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