5/26 Newspurge: Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win

9/11 Updates:
Report: Intel unit told before 9/11 to stop tracking Osama*

people could have planted bombs in the wtc without anyone noticing*
engineers request permission to speak freely regarding wtc7*
ny firefighter who survived 9/11 & deutsche bank blaze killed himself*
9/11 memorial won’t have restrooms*

20 questions for anyone who thinks the economic crisis over*
20 questions for anyone who thinks the economic crisis overstubborn jobless claims still keep on climbing higher*
39 of biggest corporations paid lower tax rate than average american*
ge, intel advise obama while investing profits overseas*
fed gave banks crisis gains on secretive loans*
paypal co-founder hands out $100k fellowships to not go to college*
models of community: alternatives to corporate america*

Notes of a screenwriter, mad as hell;
paddy chayefsky’s notes for ‘network’

comcast accused of violating nbc merger rules regarding local news*
glenn beck to launch internet tv channel at gbtv.com*
replica tyson tattoo in new movie draws artist’s lawsuit*
real ‘pirates of the caribbean’ funded by uk;
captain kidd backed by east india company
video: joseph brooks, “you light up my life” songwriter, dies before trial at 73*

“Thanks for the freak show. I saw her die in front of me.” –
judge rules tucson shooting suspect incompetent for trial

'thanks for the freak show. i saw her die in front of me.' - judge rules tucson shooting suspect incompetent for trialvideo: loughner won’t stand trial because he’s a false flag patsy*
seeking answers about tucson massacre*
spectator at casey anthony jury selection blurts out “she killed somebody”*
US man sentenced to life for high-profile kidnapping; elizabeth smart’s closure*
amazon rainforest activist shot dead*
elite s. korean uni rattled by suicides*
s. korean police say crucified man was a suicide*
rocket scientist killed himself by blowing up his car with ‘homemade bomb’*

Oregon Oddities:
Judge won’t muzzle FBI before Treebomber terror plot trial *

“the spy’s kid”: jim nicholson, a devoted cia officer goes rogue*
part1: nathan nicholson follows his father, jim, into world of espionage*
part2: russians warm to nathan nicholson, rewarding son of jailed spy*
part3: after an interrogation, nathan nicholson is worried*
part4: confronted by fbi, nathan nicholson confesses to role in father’s plot*
part5: facing charges, nathan nicholson makes painful decision*
part6: jim nicholson spares his son nathan from a courtroom confrontation*
video: woman kicked off amtrak train for talking on cell phone for 16hrs straight*
State yanks Vernonia police officer’s certification*
Oregon district where every member of congress divorces while in office*
After selling off its ‘peace cereal’ operation;
Golden temple reorganization called conspiracy*

WV Worry:
‘Ghost towns’ loom for West Virginia;

As coal taxes declines, state faces uncertain future*
UBB security chief pleads not guilty to federal charges*
Taking liberties: Forced vaccinations?*
WV guard unit gets documentary treatment*

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