5/12 defcon: secret service, globalhell, expendables

cyberwarfare rules included in defense bill*
cyberwarfare rules included in defense billwhite house to unveil cyber security proposal*
US secret service takes to twitter*
after approving nbc buyout, fcc commish becomes comcast lobbyist;
fcc chairman applauds colleague departing to become fcc lobbyist*
obama meets with giffords, husband (and his identical astro-twin) in florida*
giffords aims to return for shuttle launch*
veteran of 90’s cyber gang ‘globalhell’ charged in swatting conspiracy*
find out if you’re a target in biggest US bittorrent lawsuit ever*
comcast says they’re not blocking pirate bay –
problem appears to be impacting several isp’s
broadband leads to drug abuse, say US boffins*
under look and key: pc iris scanner security device set to go on the market in months*

updates: google’s blogger finally limps back into action after over 20+hrs of downtime (the media monarchy kingdom has recovered, but others are apparently not so lucky…)*
playstation network hack launched from amazon ec2*
dropbox lied to users about data security, complaint to ftc alleges*
netflix: metered broadband a pure cash grab –
company not pulling punches in per byte debate
mo mercy for gary mckinnon: as obama prepares for uk visit, holder insists US will not bend on extradition*
vigilant guard ’11: responders train for cyber attack on madison power grid*
video: california students jam out with musical robots*

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