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5/13 newspurge: one dose of truth

9/11 updates:
hillary: pakistan officials 'harboring' bin laden*
hillary: pakistan officials 'harboring' bin ladensome pak officials know where osama is*
9/11 families oppose holder proposal to modify miranda*

militarized swat drug raids on the rise*
california cops prepare to waste more money 'eradicating' pot*
govt deals heroin, terrorizes for pot*
video: pelosi says treating drugs cheaper than stopping drugs*
afghan farmers blame nato for opium poppies fungus*
video: columbia, missouri police chief: 'i hate the internet'*

new film 'machete' evokes race war*
new film 'machete' evokes race war'machete' script confirms race war plot*
'machete' produced with taxpayer funds*
'human centipede': most disturbing movie ever made?*
japanese poster for 'w.' just as great as you hoped*
singer/actress lena horne dead at 92*

dozens hurt as staten island ferry lost power, hits pier*
more simpsons synchronicity: boat crashes into pier on most recent episode 'moe letter blues'*
long island, ny teens nabbed in plot to bomb school, kill students & faculty*
lpga's erica blasberg dies at 25; police launch investigation*
lpga golfer erica blasberg's death puzzles her father*
US landlord who used hidden cameras to spy on 34 female tenants gets 4-10 years in prison*
105 killed in plane crash at lybian tripoli airport*
copycat effect: new knife attack in china*

iraq violence set to delay US troop withdrawal*
iraq violence set to delay US troop withdrawalobama scraps iraq withdrawal*
video: hersh says 'battlefield executions' continue under obama*
military expands obama’s gitmo in afghanistan*
US looks to long-term afghan commitment*
2/3s of senate ready to ban land mines; but not obama*
obama to fund israel's missile system*
obama asks congress for $205m to upgrade israeli missile defenses*
hasc whacks future combat systems leavings*
army continues wargames with tactical operations*
'18 missiles,' 14 dead in latest drone attack*
army surpasses 1m unmanned flight hours*
washington finally feeling drone war backlash*
white house won't address drone strike debate*
arrest of 13 cia agents sought in spain*
erik prince says his enemies are al qaeda, taliban & 'noisy leftists'*
chemical concussions & secret lsd: pentagon details cold war mind-control tests*

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