5/19 pop occulture: even judas gave jesus a kiss

‘judgment day’ is fabulous for business:
oakland-based ‘family radio’ saw donations soar as may21 approached
'judgment day' is fabulous for businessfor pets in end times, service offers salvation*
video: may21 doomsday warnings come to nyc*
the psychological damaging effects of rapture theology*
3 extreme tales of tribulation for the apocalypse*
time’s top 10 end of the world prophecies*
armageddon outta here: 23 other times the world was supposed to end, but didn’t
evangelical predicting may21 doomsday to watch it on tv*
doomsdayers not so different from the rest of us*
video: christian group predicts ‘terrific earthquake’ on judgment day*

related updates & flashbacks:
$43m tax break approved for ark encounter theme park in kentucky*
aging radio evangelist says the end of the world is near – again*
(stories first mentioned in the 12/9 newspurge on episode197)

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