5/20 Newspurge: Fall Hard

9/11 updates:
From cover-up to shakedown, 9/11 continues to haunt Americans*

Feds to imprison pot smokers for ‘impaired driving’?*
Feds to imprison pot smokers for 'impaired driving'?Nat’l Drug Control strategy pdf*
Will medical marijuana be legalized in Nebraska?*

Investigation into Polish Air crash reveals passengers in cockpit*
Video: slaughter of ‘red shirts’ intensifies*
Twilight language: Thai Braveheart assassinated at triple overpass*
Greece may take legal steps against US banks for crisis*
EU is as doomed as its currency – let’s get out from under this collapsing monstrosity*
fmr presidential candidate missing in Mexico*
2010 Korea Safe Exercise*
South Korea to blame north for torpedoing warship*
US persuades security council to impose new Iran sanctions*
Israel plays wargame assuming Iran has nuclear bomb*
Video: Finkelstein on Chomsky & Israel*

Top secret Gorbachev files unveil globalist agenda*
USSR planned nuclear attack on China in ’69*
Files reveal Britain’s secret bioweapon trials in WWII*
William Bennett update: Capital murder charge moves to grand jury &
Judge sentences sterling teen for assault & robbery*

Filming ‘Transformers 3’ being filmed violates copyright*
Lost on the fearless plain: safely in the American national illusion*
Video: Miss USA contestant supports Arizona illegal immigration law*

Detroit cop kills 7yr-old child while executing ‘no-knock’ search warrant for A&E TV show ‘the 1st 48’*
Video shows police fired into Detroit home*
Video: Attorney says video shows police fired into home*

Oregon oddities:
Dan Rather: Pornland, Oregon; Child prostitution in Portland*

US death toll in Afghanistan passes 1,000; rate rising rapidly*

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