5/21 newspurge

internet generation ‘ill-prepared for adult life’*
internet generation 'ill-prepared for adult life'wolfram alpha suffers last minute launch hitch*
fbi ‘going dark’ budget request for hi-tech surveillance capabilities soar*
corporate media exploits teen idol to push cyberbullying bill*
internet data heads for 500b gigabytes*
youtube restores the alex jones channel*
related: nytimes/press attack conspiracy theorists of ‘new world order’ film*
future combat systems not killed*
army promises their new future won’t creep*
fcc can search homes without a warrant, agency says*
fcc’s warrantless household searches alarm experts*
darpa’s simple plan to track targets everywhere*
doj & fbi networks come under attack as cybersecurity bill works its way through congress*
computer virus strikes US marshals, fbi affected*
4chan floods youtube with pornography*
net threatened by censorship, secret surveillance & cybersecurity laws*

video: mueller gets grilled on legalizing it*
milk is a gateway drug to bourbon*
anti-drug effort in afghanistan a failure*
video: a brief history of cannabis*

sri lanka declares final defeat of tamil rebels*
sri lanka declares final defeat of tamil rebelsspectre of mass suicide as tamil tigers face final battle*
sats show pakistan super-sizing its nuclear weapons complex*
ex-US envoy considers key role in afghan govt*
US arms sent to afghan forces ‘in taliban hands’*
iran tests missile with range that can hit israel*
iran test fires surface-to-surface missile capable of reaching israel or US bases in the middle east*
pm vows jerusalem will remain israel’s capital ‘forever’*

1st review of ‘inglourious basterds’, tarantino’s new film*
1st review of 'inglourious basterds', tarantino's new filmdid the mafia kill jfk?*
jfk assassination: a video view*
case of the missing h-bomb: pentagon lost the mother of all weapons*
US presidents have approved & vetoed false flag ops against US*
new book covers neo-nazis & other ultra-right groups in US politics*
new books tell story of black panthers*
scientists hail stunning fossil*
have you heard ‘the hum’?*

spider-man suicide: actress lucy gordon hangs herself*
spider-man suicide: actress lucy gordon hangs herself4 US citizens found strangled in tijuana*
louisiana student shoots self after missing teacher*
copycat effect: louisiana school shooting*
flight 3407: was first officer rebecca shaw ‘fatigued’?*
wesleyan shooting linked to ‘protocols of the elders of zion’*
gilded youth kills his family following rage over money*
air force jet crashes in california desert*
update: af pilot killed in t-38 crash
new mexico mom charged with killing son on the playground*
ex-soldier gets life sentence for iraq murders*
when a soldier commits murder: life in prison for steven green*

obama greeted by cheers & protests at notre dame*
obama greeted by cheers & protests at notre dameobama wades into abortion debate with graduation speech*
anti-war democrats still can’t give peace a chance*
corrupt congress critters forget to take ‘aipac’ off filename of letter to obama on middle east peace*
mcchrystal was cheney’s chief assassin*
obama dares judge to order release of nsa spy document*
obama, war criminal-in-chief*
biden reveals classified information?*
some on left souring on obama*
obama rethinking troop levels*
bill clinton tapped for united nations mission in haiti*
the 13 people who made torture possible*
video: investigator says up to 100 detainees have died in US custody*
obama to tap consumers for emission, mpg standards*
bible quotes adorned covers of top-secret rumsfeld intel reports*
under rumsfeld, pentagon published bible verses on top-secret intel reports*
mullen cites nukes as a pretext to kill more pakistanis*
suspected war criminal to lead US forces in afghanistan*
obama continues torture & murder in bogus war on terror*
first principles … or why i cannot support barack obama*
corbett report video: m1 of dead prez on obama*
hip-hop stars lining up against obama*
senate rejects funding to close guantanamo prison*
need for speed (read) to pass climate bill*
obama said to consider preventive detention plan*
obama seeks to retake terrorism front*
watching obama morph into dick cheney*
obama signing statement weakens ‘whistleblower’ protections*
federal court says white house doesn’t have to release records about missing emails*
poll: 91% of conservatives think obama is socialist, marxist, communist or fascist*
transcript of obama’s speech*
rumsfeld’s special unit responsible for worst civilian killings in afghanistan*
hersh says cheney had bhutto assassinated for saying osama’s dead*
US officials admitted that boys were sodomized in iraq prison*
ventura says cheney should be waterboarded, but couldn’t survive it*
transcript of cheney’s speech*
cheney’s speech ignored some inconvenient truths*
taking a shine to dick: cheney approval ratings go up*

oregon oddities:
open murder conspiracy in portland, oregon?*
earthquake fault much larger, more dangerous than thought*

police state int’l:
military to use burton, michigan as a training ground for a week*
military to use burton, michigan as a training ground for a weekgovernment readies youth corps to take on vets*
robots that kill for america*
san antonio to get air force cyber command*
after jet scare, new york warns of emergency drill*
denver drill tests terror response*
100s involved in huge terrorism drill*
airport security bares all, or does it?*
video: privacy advocates call for end to airport full body scans*
town halls hire citizen snoopers as young as 7 to spy on neighbours*
nyc to expand emergency notification system*
in critical nsa case, govt still rests on state secrets claim*
US to check immigration status of people in local jails*
‘liberty city’ case a gauge for first strikes*
pentagon bomb squad also wages info, corporate war*
video: americorps paramilitary propaganda*
military personnel ordered to comply with illegal private gun registration*
team stages terror drill at beltzville, pennsylvania*
1000s beaten & raped in irish reform schools*
fbi use of patriot act authority increased dramatically in 2008*
arrest ordered for mom of boy resisting chemo*
meet ftac: fixated threat assessment centre*
aussie ‘kindy police’ to patrol lunches*
motorcyclist tagged w/ rfid for dropping candy*
tape of beating leads to firing of 5 birmingham officers*
dhs may be called to explain ‘rightwing extremism’ report*
gun scare at uci serves as test for text-alert system*
tennessee speeders could get fingerprinted*
pavlov’s kids: psychological terrorism & conditioning aimed at the youth*
video: terrorism drill at lake oahe, south dakota*
arrests on US/mexico border decline 27%*
former col. advocates military attack on ‘partisan’ media*
video: fake diplomas found at US army aviation & missile command in huntsville*
sweeper cams just part of dc plan for broader parking enforcement*

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