60 minutes heat ray, wikileaks again & the jfk materials

military heat ray gun zaps 60 minutes reporter
from raw story: “You have to feel the ray gun to believe it,” says 60 Minutes correspondent David Martin, speaking about a non-lethal weapon the Pentagon has developed, “and there’s only one way to do that.” Martin was reportedly “zapped” 17 times for this piece, demonstrating the effects, as well as the possibility that a person could reduce the impact with shields of various materials.

wikileaks back in ‘leak’ business
wikileaks back in 'leak' businessfrom press tv: A US federal district judge has backtracked from his ruling which cut off the whistleblowers website, wikileaks.org, from the Internet. Judge Jeffrey White, who presided over the case, cited concerns about First Amendment rights, the effectiveness of disabling the wikileaks.org domain name, and the court’s own jurisdiction over the case as reasons to dissolve the previous court ruling.

jfk materials will probably go to 6th floor nauseum
jfk materials will probably go to 6th floor nauseumfrom ap: The Dallas County district attorney says he probably will donate long-hidden items related to the assassination of President Kennedy to The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. Craig Watkins Jr. said he will not make a final decision until next week. “This is where I live, this is where it happened, and I think it would be good for tourism and good for the local economy to keep the documents at The Sixth Floor Museum,” Watkins told The Dallas Morning News for a story in Saturday’s editions.

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