6/23 binge & purge: cruelty, control & the cost-effective clean 15

house rebukes looming fda frankenfish approval*

house rebukes looming fda frankenfish approval

pesticide spraying near streams to expand under house bill; hr872 lets farmers bury ‘clean water act’*
utah man accused of eating live rat,
posting video online charged with animal cruelty
chicago grocers accused of $500k food stamp fraud*
conagra foods’ net income increases,
warns high costs could hurt future earnings
jack-in-the-box drops toys from kids’ meals*
food choices matter in weight control*
the cost-effective way to feed the world*
as germany outbreak ebbs, questions linger*
is ‘clean 15’ just as toxic as ‘dirty dozen’?*
flashback: ewg releases 2011 ‘dirty dozen’*
separate shelves for gmo’s now law in cyprus*

…meanwhile in oregon oddities… re-evaluate roundup:
oregonian op-ed urges action from ag dept

oregon reaches $41m multistate settlement with gsk over bad drugs*
portland reservoir gets drained after man urinates in it*

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