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6/24 newspurge: war pigs

rothschild & world gold council put £12.5m in bullionvault*
rothschild & world gold council put £12.5m in bullionvaultnew poor: peddling relief, firms put debtors in deeper hole*
video: jailed for debt in the US in the 21st century*
video: cali city fires its workers, subcontracts everything*
corporate entities as modern-day street gangs*
bank failure is 83rd in '10; pace more than double last year's*
public isn't buying wall street reform*
jpmorgan makes moves aimed at overseas expansion*
world's mining companies covet afghanitreasure*
update: obama declares victory; wall street wins*

new 'failed states index' report out*
showdown in red sea: US sends 11 warships to confront iran*
armada of USraeli warships head for iran*
adam gadahn warns of new terror attacks*
iran executes insurgent leader rigi, accused of ties to intel*
kevin rudd steps down as prime minister of australia*

cia opens up about disastrous 1952 mission inside china*
nixon mulled north korea nuclear strike in 1969*
new hominid moves back date of walking upright*

this just in... george clooney joins council on foreign relations*
george clooney joins the cfr*
'twilight' star robert pattinson related to vlad the impaler*
seinfeld rails against gaga's less-than-ladylike behavior*
was mickey mouse a drug dealer?*
fema/dhs back 'disaster hero' game*
increasingly, nonprofits fill a need for investigative reporting*
illuminati psy-op: welles' "war of the worlds"*

twilight language: del taco hit*
3 arrested in dc murder-for-hire case*

kagan calls israeli judge dredd 'my judicial hero'*
blago on tape: get obama to fund-raise from buffett & gates*

oregon oddities:
oregon dist. atty. may prosecute al gore for sexual assault*
national enquirer says it decided not to pay for gore sex story interview*

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