6/25 newspurge

did allen dulles draft kennedy assassination directive in a covert mj12 coup?*
reports of walter cronkites illness are exaggerated, says assistant *
watergate break-in conspirator bernard barker worked for the mafia, author says*
video: jfk, executive order 11110 & the warren commission*
american colleges & the nazis*
north carolina apologizes for sterilizations*
another look inside nixon’s presidency*
nixon supported abortion … for interracial babies*
nixon, on tape, predicted an american holocaust & blamed it on a jewish ‘death wish’*
washington man found guilty of stealing hitler’s bookmark*
ww3? british release secret planning manual*
35,000 yr old flute the ‘oldest musical instrument’ ever found*
ceremony of neglect: medical procedures at jonestown*
US officials leaked false story blaming iran for khobar attack*

‘insane’ file-sharing verdict could challenge law’s constitutionality*
single-mother digital pirate jammie thomas-rasset must pay $80k per song*
this just in: fake news sites are great!*

rosemary’s brother, peter farrow, commits suicide w/ carradine connections*
video: jon stewart on the museum shooting aftermath*
4-story building collapses in brooklyn*
crash in maryland kills couple watching street race*
5.4 quake shakes anchorage; damage appears light*
high school football coach shot dead at school gym in iowa*
6yr-olds trigger emergency response with toy nuclear reactor in germany*
fbi arrests white supremacist blogger hal turner for threatening to kill federal judges*
exorcism left dead boy on a cross*
flight 447 pilot’s body retrieved*

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