7/1 Newspurge: Independent’s Day

9/11 updates:
Destruction of WTC voted most memorable news event*
Destruction of WTC voted most memorable news eventCincinnati firm heads up 9/11 compensation*
CIA says US has not had good intel on Osama in years*
WTC steel salvaged after 9/11 to be part of Ludlow Memorial in Massachusetts*
Independent investigation into Pentagon attack yields alarming information*

Video: ‘financial reform’ bill a triumph of derivatives lobby*
UN report says dollar should be replaced as Int’l standard (Download PDF)*
Krugman: Why we could be entering ‘a 3rd depression’*
7 potential economic effects of a war with Iran*
Obamaville shanty towns spread across America*

Video: FBI indicts ten as alleged Russian spies; Timing of case, nature of charges highly suspect*
Video: FBI indicts ten as alleged Russian spies; Timing of case, nature of charges highly suspectFBI arrests 10 accused of working as Russian spies*
Who’s who in the Russian spy ring*
Facebook page of sexy Russian ‘spy’ Anna Chapman*
Video: Anna Chapman before ‘Russian spy’ charges*
Update: 1 spy suspect released on bail, 2 held*
New York Times reporter calls Zionist terrorism ‘romantic’*
Rights group probes US agencies on foreknowledge of Israeli flotilla raid*
Italian pm: Israel ‘will probably react preemptively’ on Iran*
Congress just declared preemptive war on Iran*
Video: Target Tehran? USrael ‘prepares to attack’*
Background: CIA/Likud sinking of Jimmy Carter*
G8 chiefs slam Iran & North Korea*
N. Korea warns ‘accident’ during drill could start war*
Billions in cash shipped out of Afghanistan*
Kyrgyzstan votes on referendum for new constitution*
Supreme Court rejects Vatican immunity in pedophilia cases; Oregon trial moves forward*
Queen to make historic UN address and appeal for ‘world peace’*
Blair to receive US peace medal*

Lady Gaga’s upcoming tour to include human corpses*
More on Lady Gaga from Vigilant Citizen*
Dumbing down society, part 1: foods, beverages & meds*
Blue Helmets turn to music as Darfur peace tool*
New study documents media’s servitude to government*
Video: Best Buy meets ‘Rise of FEMA’ & ‘Invisible Empire’*

Widow claims David Carradine died because of insufficient coddling by film crew*
Los Angeles money launderer with CIA seal on hideout: Mysterious ex-con draws comparison to Jason Bourne*
Cops say siblings brawl over butter in mac & cheese*
21 dead in Mexican gang gun battle near US border*

Obama appoints more friends & donors to ambassadorships than Bush, Clinton & Reagan*
Obama appoints more friends & donors to ambassadorships than Bush, Clinton & ReaganPulitzer prize-winning columnists call Obama a ‘female’ with a ‘humanoid’ problem*
Obama Twitter hacker avoids jail*
Video: obama birth certificate questioned during US house debate*
Obama says being American is ‘not a matter of blood or birth’*
CR shills say frustration with obama goes beyond left & right*
Biden’s ‘Smartass’ quip: VP jokes with Wisconsin ice cream store manager*
Barely half of US governors born in state they represented*
Kagan faces ‘tough’ questioning*
Video: Elena Kagan – vampire or werewolf?*

Oregon Oddities:
Portland police re-opening Gore investigation*
Police release tape from Gore accuser’s interview*
Molly Hagerty: Al Gore a ‘pervert & sexual predator’*
Troutdale man gets Constitution Party nod for governor*
Stepmom of missing Oregon boy barred from children*
Armed woman surrenders after 6hr standoff on highway*
Video: Citizen writes cop a ticket in Oregon – and it works!*

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