7/21 Pop Occulture: Movie Magic, Hagee Holidays & Jesus Receipts

Onion-like: Does ‘Harry Potter’ Promote Witchcraft?*
Does 'Harry Potter' Promote Witchcraft?Harry Potter Film Spawns Demonic Teen Trends*
Rock, witchcraft & ancient woods: DC Fontana on filming controversial video*
Video: National Geographic Explores Wicca*
1000s Take Part In Annual Haitian Voodoo Ritual*
4,500 couples participate in Indonesian interfaith marriage ceremony*
Video: Hagee’s Christians United for Israel Meets in DC*
‘If we took a holiday’: Madonna plans Israel vacation*
New York Times reports Bachmann now a Baptist*
Mormon Mitt not ‘Christian,’ says Fox News host*
Pope accepts resignation of Philadelphia archbishop amid sex scandal*
HUSH MONEY! MURDER!: The Famed Chateau Elysee Bought By Scientology*
Scientology Not Happy With “Inside Scientology”*
Westboro protest rock group Kiss in Springfield, IL*
South Carolina Couple Sees Jesus On Walmart Receipt*

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