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7/1 newspurge: independent’s day

9/11 updates:
destruction of wtc voted most memorable news event*
destruction of wtc voted most memorable news eventcincinnati firm heads up 9/11 compensation*
cia says US has not had good intel on osama in years*
wtc steel salvaged after 9/11 to be part of ludlow memorial in massachusettes*
independent investigation into pentagon attack yields alarming information*

video: 'financial reform' bill a triumph of derivatives lobby*
un report says dollar should be replaced as intl standard (download pdf)*
krugman: why we could be entering 'a 3rd depression'*
7 potential economic effects of a war with iran*
obamaville shanty towns spread across america*

video: fbi indicts ten as alleged russian spies;
timing of case, nature of charges highly suspect

fbi indicts ten as alleged russian spies; timing of case, nature of charges highly suspectfbi arrests 10 accused of working as russian spies*
who's who in the russian spy ring*
facebook page of sexy russian 'spy' anna chapman*
video: anna chapman before 'russian spy' charges*
update: 1 spy suspect released on bail, 2 held*
new york times reporter calls zionist terrorism 'romantic'*
rights group probes US agencies on foreknowledge of israeli flotilla raid*
italian pm: israel 'will probably react preemptively' on iran*
congress just declared preemptive war on iran*
video: target tehran? USrael 'prepares to attack'*
background: cia/likud sinking of jimmy carter*
g8 chiefs slam iran & north korea*
n korea warns 'accident' during drill could start war*
billions in cash shipped out of afghanistan*
kyrgyzstan votes on referendum for new constitution*
supreme court rejects vatican immunity in pedophilia cases;
oregon trial moves forward
queen to make historic un address and appeal for 'world peace'*
blair to receive US peace medal*

lady gaga's upcoming tour to include human corpses*
more on lady gaga from vigilant citizen*
dumbing down society, part 1: foods, beverages & meds*
blue helmets turn to music as darfur peace tool*
new study documents media's servitude to government*
video: best buy meets 'rise of fema' & 'invisible empire'*

widow claims david carradine died because of insufficient coddling by film crew*
los angeles money launderer with cia seal on hideout:
mysterious ex-con draws comparison to jason bourne
cops say siblings brawl over butter in mac & cheese*
21 dead in mexican gang gun battle near US border*

obama appoints more friends & donors to ambassadorships than bush, clinton & reagan*
obama appoints more friends & donors to ambassadorships than bush, clinton & reaganpulitzer prize-winning columnists call obama a 'female' with a 'humanoid' problem*
obama twitter hacker avoids jail*
video: obama birth certificate questioned during US house debate*
obama says being american is 'not a matter of blood or birth'*
cfr shills say frustration with obama goes beyond left & right*
biden's 'smartass' quip: vp jokes with wisconsin ice cream store manager*
barely half of US governors born in state they represented*
kagan faces 'tough' questioning*
video: elena kagan - vampire or werewolf?*

oregon oddities:
portland police re-opening gore investigation*
police release tape from gore accuser's interview*
molly hagerty: al gore a 'pervert & sexual predator'*
troutdale man gets constitution party nod for governor*
stepmom of missing oregon boy barred from children*
armed woman surrenders after 6hr standoff on highway*
video: citizen writes cop a ticket in oregon - and it works!*

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