7/14 binge & purge: gardens, floodgates & playgrounds

record 1 in 6 now on food stamps as depression escalates*

record 1 in 6 now on food stamps as depression escalates

12 signs that the world is running out of food*
police state in action: woman faces 93 days in jail for planting vegetables in her front yard*
bureaucrats in michigan threaten woman with jail time for vegetable garden*
update: charges dropped against oak park woman over veggie garden; city may now prosecute her for absurd pet issue*
nestle to buy control of a top chinese confectioner*
starbucks reorganizes for international growth*
video: food fight in the white house*
usda may have just opened the gmo floodgates*
here come the superweeds: usda approves invasive gmo grass*
monsanto & gates foundation push gm crops on africa*
epa says fluoride must be 'phased out'*
it may be time for invasive species to step up to the plate*
video: automatic butcherbot debones 1,500 whole chickens per hour*
another way coffee, tea may keep you healthy: fighting mrsa superbug*
access to grocers doesn't improve diets, study finds*
philly soul food truck takes top honors at 'vendys'*
appalled mom documents filthy conditions at fast-food playlands*
man crashes into drive-in, orders food*
food makers push back on ads for children*
should parents lose custody of obese children?*
video: docs say parents should lose custody of super-obese kids*

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