7/2 newspurge

US gives up on eradicating afghanistan’s opium*
man deposits coke, weed & $200 at bank*
dod & dhs square off over border troops*
5yrs later: portugal’s drug decriminalization policy shows positive results*

did drugs kill michael jackson?*
jackson & fawcett the latest celebrity victims of big pharma*
jackson dies, almost takes internet with him*
news of michael jackson’s death overloads internet sites & sparks hoaxes*
police to question jackson’s doctor again*
a book on media censorship, you say? let me get out my black marker*
oscar-winning actor karl malden dies*
washington post republishes story about wv sen byrd from 1964*
could angelina jolie be the 1st female US president?*
(well, she’s a cfr member & united nations spokesmodel, so … probably)

anything else:
file sharing site the pirate bay sold*
insider trading suspected ahead of pirate bay sale*
the girl who doesn’t age*
big brother untangles baby babble: man turns child into cctv star*

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