7/21 defcon: scandals! murder! arrests!

#PhoneHacking updates:
You Can’t Tell the Scandal Without a Scorecard!*

#phonehacking updates: you can't tell the scandal without a scorecard!

London Police Chief Quits Over Phone Hacking Scandal*
Sean Hoare dead: News of the World phone hacking whistleblower feared for his life*
Murdoch Eavesdropping Op Amateurish Next to U.S. and UK Snooping*
video: Murdoch Hit with Custard Pie*
LulzSec Defaces Murdoch Paper With Mogul’s Fake Death Notice*
video: Roseanne says Murdoch ‘tapped my phones’ and is ‘going down’*
Feds Arrest 14 ‘Anonymous’ Suspects Over PayPal Attack, Raid Dozens More*
Anonymous To Build Its Own Social Network Called AnonPlus*
Feds Indict Hacktivist For “Stealing” Public Domain Data*
Reddit cofounder charged with massive data theft*
This Is Data Retention. Would You Give It To Any Future Government?*
One if by Land, Two if by Sea and Three if by Cyberspace*
Judge Grants Google ‘Street View’ Wiretap Appeal*
Losing Your Memory? Stop Googling, Turn Off Your GPS and Stop Watching Violence on TV*
Full Speed Ahead For Facial Recognition Technology*
Apple OS X Lion: ‘Apple borrows so heavily from iOS that at times, cycling through features makes the whole thing feel like you’re merely operating an iPad with a keyboard attached.’*

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