7/28 defcon: black ops, blacklist, #fuckyouwashington

murdoch's fox ran black ops dept, fmr exec claims*

murdoch's fox ran black ops dept, fmr exec claims

british telecom ordered to blacklist usenet search engine*
why did director of US cybersecurity arm of dhs abruptly resign?*
anonymous gets cyber tsar to resign*
lulzsec spokesman arrest could incite more cyber attacks*
fbi working from list of top 1,000 protestors in anonymous raids*
video: jeff jarvis on #fuckyouwashington hashtag*
4.5m will cut tv cord this year -
12m cut by 2015
paypal users mistakenly charged as much as $4k for mac os x lion*
russia to de-orbit international space station*
iss to crash into the ocean in 2020*
russian telescope launch pulls national space program out of black hole*
china reportedly developing emp weapons*
nasa readies juno for trip to jupiter*
boeing's millennium falcon floats using nazi technology*
dhs fears modified stuxnet could attack US infrastructure*

#PumpUpThaVolume: July 15, 2019