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7/29 newspurge: ugly truth & lies

9/11 updates:
2 pulled off toronto plane over 9/11 video*
2 pulled off toronto plane over 9/11 videohouse rejects bill to aid sick 9/11 responders*
video: "do the orders still stand?" - who was he?*

bpa found in paper receipts*
new immunization required for ohio students this fall*
video: fda approves new permanent birth control*

life sentence for (ex-state dept) florida drug smuggler*
video: mexican drug mafia invades texas*
denver pot reviewer gets paid to get high*

US rescue may reach $23.7t*
video: sec says new financial regulation law exempts it from public disclosure*
over 160,000 michigan utility shutoffs from jan to may 2010*
small texas city terminates all but 2 in police force*

japanese tanker damaged in straits of hormuz;
is this another cheonan in the making?

david de rothschild: skull & bones belt buckle & masonic handshake in sydney*

holy hexes:
uk government acts to prevent arrest of pope*
gay priest sex scandal as undercover berlusconi reporter 'films clerics at gay clubs'*

video: corporate news calls for crackdown on bloggers*
corporate news calls for crackdown on bloggersstudy: journalists starting to accept the fact that their print publications will eventually fold*
oliver stone: 'jewish-dominated media' prevents hitler from being portrayed 'in context'*
alan moore turns down offer to regain rights to 'watchmen' in exchange for authorizing sequels*
25 years later, 'brazil' still enthralls*
roman polanski faces another rape allegation*
rock concert halted due to pigeon droppings*
from braveheart to big fan*
video: larry hagman: all politicians should try lsd*

19 killed in stampede at germany's love parade*
pakistan jet crash kills 152 people near islamabad*
crash of experimental plane kills 2 in western pennsylvania*
video: police investigate nba star lorenzen wright's death as homicide*
deaths of law enforcement officers on the rise*

obamessiah & the apostles of war:
obama, 'the view' & spin control*
schwarzenegger to speak at bohemian club conclave*
3/4 of oil & gas lobbyists worked for government*
napolitano's dhs filtered foia requests through political aides*
video: rangel faces public trial before ethics committee*
labor dept rejects 98% of whistleblower protection requests*

oregon oddities:
video: gore interviewed by portland detectives*
video: 25yrs later, dee snider gets the last word*

police state int'l:
the future is being written right now*
privacy concerns raised as wal-mart puts smart tags on men’s clothing*
we the people will not be chipped: positive id axes its scary medical records implant*
rangel's hr5741 'universal national service act' in committee*
police, activists prepare days ahead of arizona law*
video: 'racist' bill blocked: arizona immigration law takes a hit*
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wv worry:
protesters chained to coal mining equipment arrested*

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