8/11 Pop Occulture: The Response & The Decline

30,000 Evangelical Christians gather for Perry’s “The Response” prayer event; Counter-response draws protests across Texas*
30,000 Evangelical Christians gather for Perry's 'The Response' prayer event; Counter-response draws protests across Texas30,000 gather for rick perry prayer event*
video: texas governor rick perry speaks to houston prayer rally*
air force’s use of christian messages extends to rotc*
teen mania’s honor academy, religious indoctrination & mind control*
wind tunnel rips through US, bringing tornadoes & holy spirit revival for 11/11*
doomsday shelter owners hope for the best, prepare for the worst*
evangelicals question the existence of adam & eve*
noah’s ark floats into cologne, germany*
flashback: video: dutch man builds full-size noah’s ark*
nigerian polygamist marries 91st wife, vows to make it up to 100 before the end of the year*
socialism’s god—karl marx: was he stupid, insane…or possessed?*
has the occult taken over our music?*
shane lynch reveals his dark times:
boyzone singer “dabbled a lot in the occult and the darker side of life”
expected to die, harry potter actress reports ‘miraculous’ recovery after baptism*
sexual predator sues for access to ‘satanic bible’*
top 25 people responsible for scientology’s decline*
report: religious freedom declining for nearly 2.2 billion people*
video: pastor tased, mother stabbed during alabama church brawl*

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