8/4 Defcon: Black Hat, Shady Rat, Mantech & More

Former CIA official Cofer Black ‘predicts’ cyber 9/11*
Former CIA official Cofer Black 'predicts' cyber 9/11Stuxnet changes terrorism equation, says former CIA official at black hat con*
Vanity Fair exclusive on ‘Operation Shady Rat’:
Unprecedented cyber-espionage campaign & intellectual-property bonanza
Hackers hit FBI merc Mantech; Online security contractor for FBI, NATO, DOD, DOJ & state dept*
US wants to build cybersecurity protection plan for cars*
‘Declassified’ crypto report was already on Google Books*
The Panopticon Cometh: Researchers say vulnerabilities could let hackers spring prisoners from cells*
US says online child pornography network dismantled*
Facebook before water as Indian shanty town kids get smartphones*
Randi Zuckerberg quits Facebook, starts new company*
@NavigateNetflix: So that’s why they bought BlockbusterDish Network planning to compete with Netflix*

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