8/12 newspurge: how you gonna lift it with your arms folded tight?

9/11 updates:
german mosque used by 9/11 attackers shut down*
video: c-span tries & fails to cover the facts of 9/11*

scientists say govt gulf oil spill report ‘ludicrous’*
scientists say govt gulf oil spill report 'ludicrous'disappearing oil & gulf seafood:
passing the sniff test?
smoke cloud covers moscow – authorities warn of radioactive cloud*
russia declares state of emergency in nuclear town as wildfires blaze*
video: cancer cluster near ft detrick in maryland*
leaking sarin rocket discovered at kentucky depot*
oregon’s umatilla facility passes halfway mark for destroying chemical weapons*
e-cig maker agrees to halt sales in oregon*
massachusettes residents fight aerial insecticide spraying*
stop jane burgermeister from going to prison for speaking the truth*
feds investigating merck sales overseas*
who list reveals flu advisors with financial ties to pharma, vaccine manufacturers*
study shows puberty coming earlier for US girls*

marijuana megafarm hidden in wisconsin national forest*
calderón on mexico’s drug war: stay the course*

economists herald new great depression*
economists herald new great depressionfed downgrades outlook for US*
US is bankrupt & we don’t even know it*
is this finally the economic collapse?*
student-loan debt surpasses credit cards*
money fair showcases $100,000 bills & rare coins*
US electricity blackouts skyrocketing*
wells fargo must pay consumers $203m in overdraft case*
30,000 ‘mobbed’ atlanta housing authority offices*
video: are economic riots already starting?*
video: tarpley on stock market tremors, fed pessimism*

new evidence of police brutality during katrina*
“there wasn’t much blood about – if any”: detective who found dr kelly’s body gives first interview*
roald dahl was a real-life james bond style spy, new book reveals*
video: churchill ‘feared panic’ over raf/ufo incident*

how disney magic & corporate media shape youth identity*
tv as psycho-social weapon*
narsha & shinee: illuminati infiltration of k-pop*
video: alabama home invasion & internet star of antoine dodson*

amid metro brawl, night out becomes ‘pandemonium’*
video: israeli arrested in atlanta over flint stabbing spree*

gates admits 2011 afghan ‘drawdown’ will be ‘limited’*
US supersizes afghan mega-base as ‘withdrawal’ date looms*
is time magazine part of cia strategy to gain support for afghan war?*
attack kills US, foreign doctors on medical mission in northern afghanistan*
former blackwater workers face new slaying indictment*
so please tell me again: what’s the war about?*
special forces’ robocopter spotted in belize*
US to sell fighter jets to saudis*
russia, US chase jet in hijack drill*
pentagon to shut military command, cut jobs*
pentagon gives up on reducing contractors*
US warned of threat worse than katrina, plague & wwii: emp/cme*
fisheries service gives navy permission to kill or harm 27 species in pacific training*
more receiving top secret clearance from fbi for terrorism cases*
towards a wwiii scenario? part2:
the role of israel in attack on iran
video: castro warns of imminent nuclear war; mullen threatens iran*

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