8/13 newspurge: bio/cyber, econo/health & hitler history

biowars/swine flu:
number of people seeking vaccination exemptions rising*
number of people seeking vaccination exemptions risingfox news cites infowars.com in flu pandemic report*
biological warfare & the national security state: a chronology*
are new vaccines laced with birth-control drugs?*
state asks volunteers to aid flu vaccinations*

chief medical officer reveals swine flu vaccination plans*
natl guard takes over school in swine flu ‘vaccine riot’ drill*
cdc/h1n1 ‘community engagement’ meetings*
‘tamiflu turned my children into hallucinating, sobbing wrecks’*

nasa: US likely won’t send man back to moon by 2020*
dhs plans cybersecurity wiki*

mouse builds nest in oregon atm with $20 bills*
americans working much harder – for less pay*
budget may force california state parks to close*
economist marc faber says US will launch more wars to distract from bad economy*
cash ‘magically appeared on their electronic benefit cards’*
traders brace for september collapse*
video: court throws out foia lawsuit against federal reserve*

ibm sees big opportunity in water management tech*
ibm sees big opportunity in water management techgdf suez unit gets eu approval to take water firms*
having children brings high carbon impact*

how royal dutch shell saved hitler & the nazi party*
wash state gop county council candidate pled guilty to incest with 9yr-old daughter in 1983*

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