8/20 newspurge: leary, cho, stone, disney, s&m, surveillance

timothy leary & the cia*
timothy leary & the ciascotus orders review of death row inmate troy davis’s case*
fromme-peltier: inequality of mercy*
cho’s missing mental records released*

fcc ‘diversity officer’ targets talk radio*
the fairness doctrine is dead, long live the fairness doctrine*
‘indictments are coming’ in jackson case*

oliver stone revealing ‘secret history of america’*
your tax dollar$ at work for michael bay*
why the recession will lead to a renaissance in film noir*

gunmen kill 7 women in russian sauna*
woman sets herself on fire in west dade mall*
savage boutique immolation*
3rd disney world death in recent weeks*
body in suitcase identified as missing swimsuit model*
lawyer killed in alleged s&m triangle at ny lawfirm*

new army camera promises super-wide surveillance*
new army camera promises super-wide surveillanceexpert warns new mind drugs eyed by military*
poll shows most americans oppose war in afghanistan*
iraq forces admit lapses after blasts kill 95*
US troops to return to northern iraq*
cia hired blackwater to help hunt terrorists*
cia hired blackwater for assassin program*
report: lithuania hosted secret cia prison
uk ‘can’t find’ $13b in military hardware*

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