9/11 + 9: Makeshift Patriots

The anniversary of 9/11:
From Reagan & the Soviet-Afghan war to Bush, 9/11 & beyond*

History of Wirt Dexter Walker: Russell & Co., CIA & 9/11*
Do the majority of Americans blame Bush for 9/11?*
America was attacked from within*
Construction complete on 9/11 truther memorial*
American Muslims nervous about Ramadan’s end coinciding with 9/11*
Obama plans to observe anniversary at the Pentagon*
Palin to join Beck at anchorage 9/11 event*
US wants to buy 1st printing of reservist’s memoir*
This 9/11, will terror sites get hacked again?*
List of anniversary events in NYC*
Cognitive infiltration: David Ray Griffin’s new book*
Condoleezza: I told Bush not to come back after 9/11*
Condi hung up on George in the the aftermath of 9/11*
Secret service tossed ‘non-essentials’ from bunker*
Distress signals indicated planes crashed minutes before flights 11 & 175 hit the WTC*
Building 7 implosion: The smoking gun of 9/11*
Video: ‘Zapruder film of 9/11’ w/Daniel Sunjata*
1,270 architects/engineers reveal hard evidence of explosive demolition on 9/11*
New videos from NIST cumulus database posted*
New WTC7 video posted*
9yrs on, no trial in sight for alleged 9/11 plotters*
9yrs + $7b after 9/11, US still waiting for emergency radio networks*

9/11 + 8 flashbacks:
The day before 9/11:
‘Missing’ trillions from the Pentagon

11 points of contention with the ‘official story of 9/11’*
9/11 Anniversary updates: past, present & future*
9/12 updates: Drills & the day after*

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