9/29 Newspurge: Your Deceit Knows No End

Fukushima desolation worst since Nagasaki as residents flee*

Fukushima desolation worst since Nagasaki as residents fleeOregon prof: Radiation from Fukushima exceeds Chernobyl, levels unknown to humans or machines*
Fukushima ‘largest delivery of radiation into the ocean ever’*
Man arrested for prank calls to tepco*
US secretly asked Japan to help dump nuclear reactors in 1972*
Video: Door-to-door vaccinations? ‘Get the f#ck out!’*

4 Americans get pot from US government*

Russia may legalize cannabis for ag, industrial use*
Feds indict 27 in Duluth drug sting*
36 nabbed in drug raid at Boeing plant near Philly*

US attack in Yemen kills al-Awlaki*

Flashback: Qaeda-linked imam dined at pentagon after 9/11*
US attack in Yemen kills al-AwlakiUSS Cole suspect to face Guantanamo tribunal*
Saudi women can vote in fake elections, but still can’t drive*

Divers set sights on sunken WWII ship laden with silver*

Archbishop who eulogized John F. Kennedy dies*

Jared Lee Loughner, Giffords shooter, could face trial*

Michael Jackson died instantaneously, doctor’s lawyer says*

Obamessiah updates:
Obama gets $7 million from Hollywood*

Video: Herman Cain says blacks ‘brainwashed’ into supporting Democrats*
Video: Veterans attempt citizens arrest of Rumsfeld in Boston*
Video: Ron Paul on the Daily Show & on the verge of explosion of interest*
Video: Diebold voting machines hacked with $10 in parts*

Oregon Oddities:
Oregon homeless student ranks on rise*
Time running out for missing ‘Cycle Oregon’ man*
Murder of Portland boy still a mystery decade later*

WV Worry:
New chemical plant for Chemical Valley*

Study: Many pregnant women test positive for drugs*
Morgantown murder investigation*
TX Gov. Rick Perry hits Wheeling, WV*

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