9/11 questions: layton, clinton, hayden & frum

bbc anchor who reported on wtc7 collapse early agrees there may be a ‘conspiracy’

from jones report: Members of We Are Change UK questioned ex-BBC reporter Phil Hayton about the early reporting of WTC 7’s collapse during a speaking appearance. Hayton failed to recollect even being in the studio on the day of 9/11 – at first – but then recalls the situation when it is described in detail, including the actions of Jane Standley, who reported the collapse some 26 minutes in advance with WTC Building 7 still visible in the background. “A lot of eyebrows were raised,” We Are Change reporters point out in summary, because many saw it as a clear controlled demolition, including a number of engineers. Hayton responded, pointing out that he was not aware of the situation with WTC 7. “This sounds so significant– I’m just amazed I didn’t know about this… This is completely news to me.” “So, is there no official explanation?” Hayton further probed.

tom hayden: continual media & hearings on 9/11

bill clinton: ‘i don’t agree with the bush investigation, but 9/11 is not an inside job’
from jones report: Nate from Portland caught up with Clinton during another campaign event. He ask the former president about his feelings on the Bush administrations efforts to investigate 9/11. “Do you mean do I agree with all the reports’ conclusions? I don’t, but I don’t believe there’s any chance that 9/11 was an inside job,” Clinton responded.

‘axis of evil’ writer gets violent after 9/11 question
from jones report: A member of We Are Change L.A. was assaulted and cursed at by former White House speech writer David Frum during a book signing… Frum – a neo-con policy maker who is often credited with coining the phrase ‘Axis of Evil’ – allegedly lost his temper when he recognized Stewart Howe, of We Are Change L.A., from a previous book signing. Howe approached Frum to ask a question when Frum became angry, and then violent, reports indicate… Frum could be the first of former Bush Administration officials to actually get violent with reporters, though a number of mainstream media outlets have called for violence against 9/11 truthers, and at least one Bush supporter physically attacked a truther last week. David Frum was quoted as saying, “Turn off the camera. Go away!” as he smacked the camera during the book signing event.

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