9/11 Updates: Back In the News With a Vengeance

Yahoo says 9/11 tops last 15 years’ online news searches*
Yahoo says 9/11 tops last 15 years' online news searchesVideo: Luke Rudowski on 9/11 truth & Pentagon gunman*
Video: CNN says conspiracy theorists are potential ‘suicide warriors’*
Video: Romney says Obama’s words ‘support’ 9/11 truthers abroad*
Iran’s Ahmadinejad calls sept 11 ‘big fabrication’*
Video: Alex Jones on Fox: Media sought to demonize 9/11 truth with Pentagon incident link*
A guide to the 9/11 whistleblowers*
Proof that 9/11 truthers are dangerous*
ABC News: inside a 9/11 ‘truther’ convention*
ABC News visits a 9/11 truth conference: trying to link researchers & academics to Pentagon Metro shooter*
Huffington Post kills Jesse Ventura’s piece on 9/11*
A leading Japanese politician espouses a 9/11 fantasy*
Washington Post on ‘lunatic’ 9/11 ‘conspiracy theorists’*
Ground zero workers reach deal over health claims*

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