9/11 updates: censorship & condemnation

jon stewart trashes 9/11 truth*
jon stewart trashes 9/11 truthjon stewart’s book signing interrupted by 9/11 truthers in nyc*
o’reilly says 9/11 truth activists are dangerous radicals*
project censored ‘censored’ because of stance on 9/11 truth*
9/11 research to be censored from ‘project censored’*
nytimes lies about popularity of 9/11 truth*
wall street journal: doing all it can to contain the 9/11 truth movement*
pentagon destroys copies of controversial memoir written by army officer*
video: pentagon destroys 1000s of copies of army officer’s memoir*
video: shaffer speaks about his ‘operation dark heart’*
ahmadinejad says most blame US government for 9/11*
obama condemns ahmadinejad’s speech at united nations*
video: establishment feigns outrage at ahmadinejad’s 9/11 rant*
retired nasa engineer explains why he doesn’t believe the official 9/11 report*
9/11-related quotes ready for email*
US military lowered its computer security level the night before 9/11*
video: wtc employee discusses pre-9/11 power downs*
dod: images of pentagon crash scene before & during 9/11 unavailable; controlled by fbi*
post-9/11 detainees, never charged, sue bush officials for illegal arrest & abuse*
texas board of education attacks non-existent pro-islamic textbooks*
flashback: from US, the abc’s of jihad*

update: house passes 9/11 health care bill*

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    You know you're hitting the target when you're getting the most flak.

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