9/11 updates: fixed facts, theater, law & wtc terror drills

the ground truth‘: official story of 9/11 ‘almost entirely untrue’

like iraq, the ‘facts’ regarding 9/11 were ‘fixed around the policy’
like iraq, the 'facts' regarding 9/11 were 'fixed around the policy'from global research: 3 facts show that the government “fixed the facts” regarding 9/11 around a policy decision to exonerate the government from any blame whatsoever.

1. 9/11 Commission’s Chief Counsel says Official Story “Almost Entirely Untrue… There Was an Agreement Not to Tell the Truth about What Happened.” As Daily Kos notes in a recent recommended story, the senior counsel to the 9/11 Commission – John Farmer – states in a new book that the official story of 9/11 “almost entirely untrue“. As I noted last month, he also says: “At some level of the government, at some point in time… there was an agreement not to tell the truth about what happened.” …

2. The Government Used Communist-Style “Minders” to Intimidate Witnesses: The government used “minders” to intimidate witnesses to the 9/11 Commission. In fact, according to an internal memo…

3. The Main Sources of Information Were Not Even Remotely Credible: The fact that people were tortured in order to justify the Iraq war by making a false linkage between Iraq and 9/11 is gaining attention.

41 US counterterror & intel vets challenge official account of 9/11

9/11 conspiracies fly in world premiere of dietz’s yankee tavern
from playbill: [T]he world premiere of Yankee Tavern, a new post-9/11 thriller by the prolific Steven Dietz… set in a crumbling New York bar, in which a young man grapples with questions “about his father’s best friend, his mysterious past, and a stranger who knows much more than he should,” according to Florida Stage. “Suddenly, he finds himself caught in a web of conspiracy theories surrounding the 9/11 attacks and outlandish hypotheses become dangerous realities.”

9/11 conspiracy theorists sue st. louis

wtc disaster drill scenes echo 9/11
wtc disaster drill scenes echo 9/11from telegraph: More than 800 rescue workers have staged a disaster drill at a commuter rail station at the World Trade Center site in scenes that echoed images from the Sept 11 attacks on New York. Hundreds of firefighters, police officers and other rescue workers descended on the tracks of the PATH rail tunnel linking lower Manhattan to New Jersey after the mock explosion was set off on Sunday morning. About 150 volunteer “victims” boarded a New Jersey-bound train. But 1,200 feet from the station, the train stopped, power was cut, and emergency services were called. They secured the scene and then brought the pretend victims – who were covered in make-up simulating blood, grime and serious injuries – out of the tunnel. Officials bought TV advertisements and plastered train stations with posters to warn downtown residents of the drill. There have not been as many responders at Ground Zero since the Sept 11 2001 attacks…

a main source for the 9/11 commission report was tortured until he signed a confession he wasn’t even allowed to read

video: the 9/11 commission didn’t investigate nothing!

updates from may21:
zelikow failed to mention possible criminal referral of false statements by norad & faa in memo to 9/11 commission heads*
cheney speech reportedly refers to 9/11 25 times*
columbia shuttle investigation cost $175m. challenger cost $100m. 9/11 investigation only got $15m*

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