9/11 updates: gop, dems, the media & the peace movement

debra medina’s 9/11 remark pushes campaign off track*
debra medina's 9/11 remark pushes campaign off trackletter to rachel maddow on debra medina*
media response to the growing influence of 9/11 truth*
peace movement vs 9/11 truth*
gop rep chaffetz agrees with concerns of 9/11 truthers: there’s still a lot to learn*
yet another congressman questions 9/11*
1992 flashback: small knives used in hijackings, faa memo warns*

video: govt doesn’t want 9/11 public trial*
olbermann blames bush, cheney for 9/11 attacks*
spanish inquiry of alleged bush-era war crimes begins*
taliban pressed bin laden on anti-US terror*
did the taliban try to stop bin laden terror attacks?*
1991 flashback: terrorists plan to crash planes into buildings in madrid*
kerik, disgraced 9/11 ‘hero’ & ex-nypd head, gets 4yrs in prison*

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