9/11 victims’ kin seek release of secret documents

9/11 victims' kin seek release of secret documentsfrom boston herald: Three families who lost loved ones in the 9/11 terrorist attacks head to court today to plead with a federal judge to release a million pages of documents detailing the mass murder of nearly 3,000 Americans. Those secret papers, one Bay State family member told the Herald, are “so bad you won’t believe it… It was out control,” Paul Keating, 45, said of security on Sept. 11, 2001, including at Logan International Airport in Boston where two ill-fated jets left on a collision course with infamy. “My mother went through the most public murder you could imagine… and I’ve been putting up with this crap for seven years,” Keating said of his refusal to settle his case out of court. Keating’s 72-year-old mother, Barbara, a Framingham native, died aboard American Airlines Flight 11. Keating is making legal history today, along with the families of Mark Bavis, 31, and Sara Low, 28, by asking Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein in Federal District Court in Manhattan to lift the order keeping all the evidence hidden. Low was a Boston-based flight attendant on Flight 11; Bavis of West Newton, a passenger on United Airlines Flight 175. Both jets left Logan with hijackers on board and were slammed into the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers. “Sept. 11 should not have happened,” said attorney Donald A. Migliori, whose firm represents all three families. He said the secret papers include depositions of former Massport Executive Director Virginia Buckingham and former Logan security chief Joe Lawless. If the documents are released, plans are in the works to make a public archive. As for the three families, they vow to hold out for public trials next year – refusing any share of $7 billion in secret settlements to expose how 19 terrorists brought a nation to its knees.

kin lose bid for release of 9/11 info
from nydailynews: A Manhattan judge on Wednesday dealt a blow to families of 9/11 victims seeking the release of documents they say will reveal how the 19 terrorists slipped past airport security. Judge Alvin Hellerstein rejected three families’ request to create a public trove of documents turned over by airlines and security companies during the course of litigation. Hellerstein said forcing the turnover of the documents would bog down efforts to bring to trial suits filed by the families who’ve refused to accept a monetary settlement of their claims. “Right now, I want to move these cases to trial,” Hellerstein said. “That’s my goal.” There remain just three holdout families out of nearly 100 who chose to pursue litigation rather than accept a settlement from the Sept. 11th Victim Compensation Fund. Hellerstein did not issue a ruling but indicated to the families’ lawyer Donald Migliori that he likely would rule against them. Hellerstein’s decision stung Mike Low, 66, whose flight attendant daughter Sara died aboard American Airlines Flight 11. He hopes the documents will help others learn more about their loved ones’ final moments. Two months ago, Low learned that his daughter relayed the seat numbers of the hijackers to the ground so that federal agents could identify them.

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  1. Anonymous Avatar

    there are too many unanswered questions pertaining to the 9/11
    mass murder.

  2. Alan8 Avatar

    The 911 events were staged by the neocons to take control of the country.

    Buildings have never collapsed straight down, at free-fall speed, AGAINST the path of greatest resistance, neatly onto their own footprints unless it was a controlled demolition.

    Thermite residues and molten metal weeks later (which wouldn’t have happened from just a fire) leave no doubt it was a controlled demolition.

    The Democrats have been willing participants in the cover-up of this right-wing attack on America. This makes them accessories to treason, after the fact.

    The corporate control of the mass media has been used to try to keep the truth hidden. But people know this was a conspiracy, and that eventually the truth will come out.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    It seems downright illegal to forbid data gathered at taxpayer expense to be released. I would suggest this nation would be much better off if data that may show portions of government operations that are remiss in their duties were exposed to the light of day. If that were allowed leaders woulf tread very carefully when contemplating questionable acts. And I suspect we would have to erect new prisons to house those who were purposely deficient.

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    God Bless these families, protect them, and keep them from harm’s way. It is too harsh and tragic a life for justice to be denied them. Screw Judge Hellenstein. Screw fake ‘national security’ denied to protect the errors and egos of the ruling class. Tell us what we can do to help our fellow countrymen find out the truth about September 11, 2001 from which all evil flows.

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